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About Us

Established in 1978, SUPER ROCK DRILLS cc designs, manufactures and supplies drilling rigs and earth boring equipment to the water-well, mining, exploration, piling and post hole industries, as well as specialized units for specific projects.


Our drilling rigs are built to customer requirements and specifications and we also offer our standard series being the models “ROCKDRILL 5000 HEAVY DUTY”, “ROCKDRILL 3000/5000 COMBO”, “ROCKDRILL 3000 BLAST HOLE”, “ROCKDRILL 1000 REVERSE CIRCULATION”, “ROCK DRILL 1000”, "ROCKDRILL 750"  and “ROCKDRILL 100”.   We offer sales and service of all the largest compressor brands in the country, as well as on-site training and technical information.


SUPER ROCK DRILLS has extensive and fully equipped workshops and office facilities

situated at 187 Vonkprop Road, SAMCOR PARK, PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA, where

the entire range of our equipment is designed and manufactured.


Our personnel consists of engineers, tradesmen, works and account managers, including financial

and technical teams, welders, boilermakers and labourers. 

Our teams are all highly skilled in their trades and are totally committed to delivering the highest

standards of design, manufacture and supply of our products, focusing on quality, safety and service. 

Rockdrill 100 self loading trackmounted drill rig
Trailer mount small drilling machine
With towed compressor
with automatic rod loader
Heavy duty jacks
Trackmounted drill rig
ROCK DRILL 500 drilling machine
Combo for mining purposes
Rockdrill 100 self loading trackmounted drill rig




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